How to Keep Track of Spending

We all love to shop. The thrill of walking around a store and choosing new things for yourself or even for someone else is amazing. Sometimes, however, our bank balance just isn’t on our side and we need to be a bit careful while we are out shopping to make sure we don’t spend too much. It can be difficult to track how much we are spending as we go about our day but it is important that we do because even the small expenses such as a cup of coffee or sandwich here and there add up and can wreak a budget.

Apps are a really good way of keeping track of your day to day spending. We all carry our phones around everywhere with us and it is really easy just to add a new transaction everytime we buy something. Most spending apps allow you to set up categories for your spending. This means that you can set up a budget for every type of item that you spend money on. You could allocate so much of your budget for clothes, an amount for makeup or an amount to spend at the casino, for instance. You never know, allow yourself some money for online games and you might be able to increase your available budget.

Another good way to keep track of money is to stick to using cash only. You can decide your budget for a week, and then withdraw all the cash that you need to get you through the week. You can even use a use an envelope system where you split the cash up into envelopes according to your different spending categories. It also helps if you put the receipts once you have spent money into these envelopes so that you can easily look back and see where you have spent money. Follow this method 100% and you will never overspend, after all, you can’t buy it if you don’t have the cash for it.