Girls Want To Play Too….

So, you want to play games online? Of course you do. But let me guess, you find that each gaming site you visit, seems to have a particularly male-dominated culture?

Women can play too

Most ladies want to play without feeling as though they are playing in a man’s world. This doesn’t mean that we want pink logos, or unicorn branding. However, we fully expect to be viewed as a worthy opponent to any of our male counterparts.

If, like me, you were raised in an era of ‘women don’t gamble’, then there is already sufficient taboo around this otherwise fun and exciting way to spend your downtime.
As with all things equality, we simply have to throw off the taboo, learn the game, and become the best player we can. Of course, in true victorious style, I would fully expect you to become better than the men!

So, where do you begin? You’ve seen the ads, and with a myriad of games to choose from, do you opt for Blackjack, slot machines or Poker? Whichever you decide, you need to learn as much as is humanly possible before entering the perceived ‘man’s’ domain. Poker is a particularly rewarding, but incredibly strategic game. To get the best possible experience, I would recommend you learn all about the strategy of the game.

Frankly, women should already be pretty skilled in the world of poker, with bluffing (aka lying), being one of our many wonderful talents. Of course, there is far more to poker than the art of bluffing, however, those natural skills will lend a hand and make it even more exhilarating to play. The roulette wheel is a particular favourite of mine…the anticipation, the moment of holding your breath, and then of course, sweet victory.

We ladies are naturally wired for these games, and it is time to step up and take our rightful place at the card table.